Monday, August 4, 2008

It's The Shoes

Instead of running on Saturday, I decided to visit a local shoe store, The Human Race, to look for new running shoes. My legs were starting to hurt and I was beginning to develop blisters on my feet. I did not realize how much detail a runner must devote to his/her shoes. In the past I wore Nike running shoes exclusively. Well as soon as I walked in the store, the salesman pointed out that Nike running shoes are not as comfortable as others. And, I'd have to agree knowing how my legs hurt after running 10k or more, especially outdoors.

At this store, they take you through a series of tests to determine you are an under/over pronator (that's how much hour feet lean outward or inward). They also check to see if your stance is balanced to determine if you need shoe support. When I finished my tests, I ended up with a size 11 Adidas Supernova Sequence Control. I had no idea I needed to go up almost a full size for running purposes. However, after running a 12k indoors at LifeTime Fitness yesterday, I am convinced I made a good purchase. The run felt very comfortable and I ran my fasted 12k ever.

If you have any pain after you run and you have a similar store in your, I would highly recommend a similar set of tests to ensure you get fitted properly for your next pair of running shoes.


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