Sunday, August 10, 2008

Eight + Eight = Ten

No this is not new math. Today I ran two 8Ks which the equivalent of 10 miles or 16K. This is the farthest I have ever run and I did it with a 9.91 minute/mile pace while maintaining a 146 average BPM. I thought I would be a lot more tired and sore after the run. It seems that the new shoes and inserts are working well so far because I felt pretty good after I finished the 10 miles. The cooler weather we are experiencing helped tremendously. I did not perspire very much at all and like I said, my average heart rate was pretty low.

Why did I run so slow?
The experts say that when training for a race you should run about 90 to 120 seconds slower than your best pace when you run longer distances. Since I had never run a 16K, I really wanted to say I finished the run so my goal was to run slow. There were times when I wanted to run even slower than a 10 minute/mile pace. However, I found that I could pick up the pace a little and still keep my heart rate at a good level.

Ok, I need to drink my protein drinks and get some rest so I can be ready for a 12K on Monday!


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