Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who Is That Masked Person?

Well, it ain't the long-lost suburban X-Man, Captain Cold.  It's just me about to get my jog on in the middle of January in the frozen tundra of south suburban Chi-Town.  The thought of running more than 3 miles on the treadmill was just too much for this brother.  So I bundled up, found my old ski mask, put on my spandex shirt / pants, and prayed my fingers would stay warm with two pairs of gloves.  (Hey, I remembered the tips I read in the article "How to Dress for Cold Weather Running"!)

Everything went well until I hit the final mile and realized I was losing the feeling in the tips of my left fingers.  Man, I know things can be worse.  But when you are a mile from home, sweaty, tired, your fingers are cold and don't have your cell phone to call someone to pick you up, ]you start to wonder why you are a jogger!  If you are smart, you pray for strength like I did and the Lord will deliver you to your doorstep with some minor discomfort.

I completed 10K (6.3 miles) and ran through the Heights because I thought there would be less traffic - bzzzz, I was wrong about the traffic.  In case you were wondering, the temperature was below freezing (only 28 F - 19 F with the windchill).  Since I know I can run in cold weather, I guess I have no excuses for running indoors now unless the temperature drops below 25 F or so!


derrick said...

Very impressive. I wish I were at your stage. Planning to start up again for the 1000th time. But hey, at least I'm experienced at starting to run:)

Great story!

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